Gregory the Theologian, Saint (around 325 – around 389)

Saint Gregory the Theologian

(around 325 – around 389)

“Saint Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople, a great Father and teacher of the Church, was born into a Christian family of eminent lineage in the year 329, at Arianzos (not far from the city of Cappadocian Nazianzos). His father, also named Gregory (January 1), was Bishop of Nazianzus. The son is the Saint Gregory Nazianzus encountered in Patristic theology. His pious mother, Saint Nonna (August 5), prayed to God for a son, vowing to dedicate him to the Lord. Her prayer was answered, and she named her child Gregory.”

Orthodox Church in America



“Grace is given not to them who speak [their faith] but to those who live their faith.”

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